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Heath Park - Lead Dog Care Specialist

Prior to joining the ATP family in April of 2014, Heath headed-up the Behavior & Training team at PAWS Companion Animal Shelter.  Difficult-to-place dogs with various behavioral challenges came under her care.  She worked closely with the advanced volunteers to help the dogs through the training and socialization process.  

    Heath, as a life-long animal welfare advocate and a former member of a rescue organization based in Atlanta, travelled into the rural counties of Georgia and Alabama to rescue dogs from over-crowded and under-funded shelters.  It was during this time that she developed her technical skills and learned the fundamentals of dog group dynamic. She helped clicker train the rescues to regain their social skills and confidence in both human and canine societies.

    Some of Heath’s favorite, non-animal related, things are: long-distance running, water sports and modern art!  She is also a proud mama of an 11-year old Chow-baby name George who likes to eat broccoli and cabbage.  He was adopted from PAWS in 2008.

Alexa Branesky - Dog Care Specialist

Alexa eats, sleeps, and breathes love for animals. She comes from a 13-year background in animal care including dog daycare, dog-walking, conservation work, zookeeping, and volunteering at any animal facility she can possibly manage to fit into her schedule! She knew she wanted a career with animals from the time she was six years old, and made it her life ambition to take every study course and opportunity that would help her attain her goal.

After receiving her B.S. in Biology and B.A. in Anthropology from Washington State University, and doing conservation work in Hawaii and New Zealand, she returned to the Seattle area and spent several years caring for animals in our local zoos. This included work with big cats, small primates, and penguins. In 2013 she picked up a part-time position with a dog daycare and fell in love with the strong bond that forms between human and their canine companions. Despite her time spent raising baby tigers and weaning baby penguins, Alexa discovered that her favorite animal is a domesticated dog, including her own pup, "Belladonna Took," and she would not trade her time with Tooky for any amount of money, fame, or human companionship.

As someone who likes to stay busy, she is thrilled to join the ATP family as a Relief Dog Care Specialist, and fit her fill-in days around her full time schedule working at a veterinary hospital. She is excited to start school to become a veterinary technician, while getting to spend time caring for dogs in both the medical and daycare setting. She has already spent time working with the regulars at ATP and meeting their parents, and loves how nice and welcoming everyone is, humans and fur-kids alike!

Rachel Brewer - Dog Care Specialist

Rachel Mae Brewer comes to All Things Pawsitive with 14 years of hands-on experience in the pet care industry. For as long as she can remember, she has been madly in love with man's best friend, the dog. 

While spending several years in Nashville, Tennessee, Rachel successfully managed a large-scale daycare and boarding facility. During that time she extensively studied and taught the Dog Guru programs Knowing Dogs and Group Play. Rachel specializes in dog body language and group dynamics, but she considers herself a perpetual student, constantly striving to deepen her understanding of her canine co-workers. 

Her passion for teaching through positive leadership inspired her to pursue a career as a dog trainer and Rachel will officially begin her educational journey toward achieving her professional dog trainer certification through the Victoria Stilwell Academy in the spring. 

Outside of her work with dogs, Rachel can seen singing her own brand of original country music on various stages around the Pacific Northwest. In addition, she is a self-proclaimed weather nerd and storm chaser who prides herself as a coffee aficionada. 

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